News/Historic: Oslokirken/Oslokirken - Every Sunday in Evangeliesalen Berøa

Oslokirken - Every Sunday in Evangeliesalen Berøa

Oslokirken Media
November 08, 2023

Today Oslokirken has received notification from Evangeliesalen Berøa Pentecostal Church, via pastor Jon Brammer, that we will be able to have our Sunday services at their historic church facilities in Nordre gate 18b every week. Normally it will take place on Sundays at 16:00, and we will use the lovely cafeteria. On some Sundays we might need to choose other times due to regular events in the host church.

- We are deeply grateful, and look forward to our opening service on Sunday, November 26th at 16:00, say Oslokirken´s happy pastor couple, Aina & Jan-Aage Torp.

- Our emphasis will be children, families (extended families), and the many ethnic groups that live at Grünerløkka and in Greater Oslo. We pray that the Holy Spirit will use us to convey Jesus Christ and sound values in our divided city.

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