The City that we serve

A diverse city
Oslokirken Media
February 17, 2024

Oslo is the center of our ministry. It is our «Jerusalem».

Oslo is the fastest growing capital city of Europe with a population within the municipality itself of 709 037 (SSB 2023). The population is expected to increase to 745.000 in 2030 and 781.000 in 2040.

Oslo had 177 455 immigrants and 56 899 Norwegian-born with immigrant parents at the beginning of 2020. Totally this amounts to 33,8 percent of the capital’s population (SSB 2020). 

2/3 of Oslo consists of waters and forests.

«The New Oslokirken» is in the facilities of Evangeliesalen Berøa at Nordre gate 18b in Grünerløkka. In this area, the median age is 38 years. Nordre gate lies by Schous Plass (see photo above).

Photo at the top of this page is of Oslo City Hall (photo credits: iStock).

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