How to find us

Oslokirken Media
January 01, 2024
How to find usThis map indicates the direction of available parking

The photo above shows Evangeliesalen Berøa in Nordre gate 18b in Oslo where Oslokirken has our meetings. Normally we use the entrance on the left side which leads to the Cafeteria. 

Here is a simple Waze map description of how to find Nordre gate 18b in Oslo, where Oslokirken gathers every Sunday at 16:00 in the Cafeteria, using the side entrance. Click here.

If you come by car, there is ample parking available on the street level in the direction of Sofienberg park & kirke, which is a 5 minute walk away from Nordre gate 18b. There is also ample parking towards Birkelunden park, which is also a 5 minute walk away. Please see the map to the left.

If you come by tram (=«trikk»), we advise you to use the Ruter App. Click here.

If you come by bus, we also advise you to use the Ruter App. Click here.

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