News/Historic: Oslokirken/Pastor Aina reported on Hope for Thailand

Pastor Aina reported on Hope for Thailand

October 14, 2014

In Sunday´s worshipservice in Oslochurch, pastor Aina Torp brought a moving photo-report from the ministry trip that she & Jan-Aage had last week.

She showed more than 50 beautiful photos, accompanied by accounts from real life, and a strong appeal to pray for Thailand in a time with great hope. Jan-Aage was still not back on Sunday. A visitor wrote passionately afterwards on Facebook: «Thank you, Aina Torp, for another pleasant Sunday afternoon in Oslochurch and very rewarding presentation of the tour that you and Jan-Aage have just had to Thailand. Very impressive to see what you have helped to accomplish over there».

Aina with her good friend at Happy Home in Bangkok, polio victim Dhurian
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