News/Historic: Oslokirken/- We build Church consistently!

- We build Church consistently!

Oslokirken Media
November 29, 2017
- We build Church consistently!Aina & Jan-Aage eating at the Thai restaurant adjacent to the Oslochurch Chapel.

Oslochurch is progessing well, and slowly. - We have learned to be  consistent as church builders, say the pastor couple Aina & Jan-Aage Torp.

- The local church is, Biblically speaking, both a family, a temple, and an army. All 3 dimensions are crucial. As a family, there must be set times for meals, bedtime, homework, play and smalltalk. That´s why we have ample time for «church coffee» every Sunday, and now we are starting weekly «Ekklesia gatherings» for both prayer and fellowship. As a temple, we give priority to worship, praise, prayer, consecration and seeking the Lord´s face. As an army, we train and practice and help people get ready for the advancement of God´s Kingdom in every aspect of society.

- We are growing slowly, but well, and we have come «home» to the most central area of Oslo. Our Chapel is at the heart of our great capital city, and we want to develop from that base, say the Torp´s.

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