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Praise & Worship is really about TRUST

Oslokirken Media
January 27, 2014

Pastor Aina Torp taught on the Purpose of Worship in our Worship Service yesterday. The question that Adam & Eva were asked in the Garden of Eden is being posed to us today: Who shall we trust - God or lucifer?

Praise & Worship is really about TRUST

Aina based her teaching on Revelation 4:1-11 where the celestial scenario was the beings and creations that were in uninterrupted praise and worship of God.

-This praise may seem strange for the carnal mind, but it is really about us being created to communicate with God. As far back as in the Garden of Eden, the battle was all about TRUST: Who shall we trust - God or lucifer? established the Oslochurch-pastor.

-Lucifer was the worship leader in heaven, but he chose to build on himself. Selfishness still brings people away from God! said Aina Torp, who thereafter underscored the significance of unity when we praise and worship the Lord, and she referred to Matthew 18:19 and Acts of the Apostles 1:12-14 and 2:1. -We must understand the power in agreement: In agreement with God and His truth, and in agreement with each other!

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