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How to tackle Life´s Problems

Learn from Job of the Bible
Oslokirken Media
November 18, 2013

Pastor Jan-Aage Torp gave an instructive teaching last night on how to tackle life´s problems, using Job of the Bible as example.

How to tackle Life´s ProblemsIllustrative drawing of Job of the Bible

The Oslochurch pastor spoke about Job´s prosperity (chapter 1:1-5), Job´s adversity (1:6-19), Job´s fidelity (1:20-22), and Job´s misery (2:1-3:26). 

-The hosts of heaven and of hell watched to see how Job would respond to the loss of his wealth and his children. But then Job worshiped God and uttered a profound statement of faith (Job 1:21), said Jan-Aage in a powerful teaching.

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