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85 Years Old - and still enjoying Life!

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March 10, 2013
85 Years Old - and still enjoying Life!

Missionary Anna Kristensen turned 85 years this week. And she is still enjoying life!

For 44 years, Anna Kristensen served faithfully as a missionary in Bangkok, Thailand. In 2006, she had to return to Norway for good, for health reasons. She has been living since at a home for the elderly in Oslo.

Yesterday, a little group of seven old friends from Oslochurch visited her for a birthday celebration. 

-I´ll never forget this! she exclaimed as she laughed heartily, tears and laughter coming from her glowing face all at once.

For two hours we celebrated this great woman of God who has lived a life of consecration and prayer, servng the people of smiles in Thailand.

-I love the people of Thailand, she states, and starting to recall names and life stories.

Mailen and Aina had baked delicious cakes, and we brought a gorgeous bouquet of lillies and other beautiful flowers, chosen by Aina. She received gifts and greetings.

As laughter and discussions criss-crossed the table, "tante Anna" (she has been pastor Jan-Aage´s missionary "auntie"="tante" for life), Anna´s hearty laughter and tears of joy impacted us all.

When we read Psalm 91 verse by verse, Anna´s life testimony, Anna prayed out loud to her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Her prayer was mixed with Norwegian, English, Thai - and Holy Spirit "tongues", all in a glorious mixture.

As we left, "tante Anna" asked Aina: -How old am I again? -85, smiled Aina. -Oh, you see, I am so forgetful, and Anna laughed again....

-90 years old next time, we all laughed as we left "tante Anna" for this time.

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