Prophetic Message from Dominic Yeo

Pastor-prophet Dominic Yeo of Global Leadership Network in Singapore brought this timely prophetic message to Jan-Aage Torp on October 5th, 2001, as the ministry for Oslo was in the planning stages.

I have come to declare the word of God to this nation. God is raising up the army of God in this hour. The heartbeat of your pastor is that of a militant worker, to gear us up to become soldiers of the cross.

God has a destiny for you, for this church and for this nation. He is calling us to subdue the evil forces. He wants to redeem the warring spirit of the vikings. If you don´t arise to your destiny, the Midianites in your life and in your soul will oppress you. You will lose the power in your life, and fear will come into your life, and also the power of New Age and eastern religions. You will begin to prepare for small things because you will only fight to survive.

But it is not God´s will that the church shall live oppressed. He has called you to experience John 10.10 "....I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly."

How can you take your rightful place in God´s army?

By hearing the word of God.

By recognizing that you are God´s warrior! Receive and believe that you are a warrior and that you really need to fight against the Midianites in your life. God does not want you or your church to live oppressed by the devil.

By walking in the presense of God. When you are in the presense of God you don´t sin. The presence of God is like a shield, like an umbrella that you can walk under that covers you. You have to have a heart that seeks after Him, after His presense. You have to yield to Him totally. Then He can cover you and protect you.

By moving further on, into the power of God. In order to see Norway turn to Jesus, you have to move from the presense of God to the power of God. Work by the grace of God and act in faith, and this will make you see the power of God. Grace + Faith = Power of God. You move from presense to power by activating your faith!

This church, on behalf of the nation of Norway, you stand on the threshold. Will you live in caves and shelters hiding from the enemy, or will you arise to your destiny in God? Arise to take dominion! There is an eviction order from the Spirit of God: Arise, so the enemy of your spirit will be the one to live in shelters and caves!

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