Obey the Lord´s Prophetic Word - and it will be fulfilled!

Jan-Aage Torp
September 16, 2023

There is a stream of revelation coming from God´s heart to His children on Planet Earth. 

The most important is God’s Written, Eternal Word which is the 66 books of the Holy Bible. Here are the standards, concepts, principles, promises and commandments that keep every human being within God´s perfect design for our lives.

However, the Lord also speaks to us through subjective prophecies. His subjective prophetic word is critical to our growing relationship with God, and gives us specific guidance for our daily lives. They can come from a prophet, a friend, a Bible phrase, a dream, or in numerous other ways.

The question many Christians are stuck in is this: «If I obey His subjective word, is that legalism? Shouldn´t personal prophecy be automatically fulfilled, without any effort or acts of obedience on my part?»

Jesus makes the answers to this very clear—obedience is not legalism, it is actually love: 

Jesus says: «If you love me, obey my commandments» (John 14:15).

Obedience needs to be reframed into a proper understanding. And once we do that, it opens up a whole new world of activity in our lives in God.

Many people erroneously believe that if the Lord speaks to us prophetically, it never requires any obedience. They believe this because of this misunderstanding of legalism.

Having a heart set on obedience to God’s Written Word and His subjective prophetic word is critical to our growing relationship with God.

We cannot ask God to speak and then choose not to obey. We cannot choose what God will say or what He will speak about, but we can choose what our response will be.

(Some statements in this article are from Rev. Darren Hibbs, 2014)

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