This is the KAIROS time for Oslo

Jan-Aage Torp
January 01, 2022
This is the KAIROS time for Oslo

We believe that this is the KAIROS time for Oslo.

Today is New Year's Day 2022, and we look back with gratitude at the outstanding year 2021. 

We say with the Apostle Paul: 

«Thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ!» (1 Cor 15:57).

Tested & Proven in the Capitol

Aina & I have a calling to Oslo that has been tested and proven in my life for more than 20 years, and by Aina & me together through 11 years of marriage.

The traces are clear.

  • Look at what God is doing through us together with countless foreign leaders and envoys in Oslo and worldwide. We communicate solutions to nations from our base in Oslo.
  • Look at how the Lord has given us a unique position as a bridgebuilder with the foremost Muslim leaders internationally.
  • Look at how we are helping several child welfare victims in Norway who are dealing with tough challenges, facing the public administration and the courts.
  • Look at how we have influenced the decision-making processes in Europe and Norway with major consequences for - not least - the Norwegian Child Welfare System (Barnevernet).
  • Look at how I have made 70 TV programs in 21 months in «Hovedstaden med Pastor Torp» on TV Vision Norway, reaching at least 200.000 viewers every week, where community leaders on the top shelf have conversations with us about society's development, challenges and opportunities.

It can be nothing but the Lord!

We do not feel that our responsibility is to convince you as our friend. The Lord takes care of that.

We look forward to this new year 2022!


The word KAIROS comes from the ancient Greek word which is translated as «the right time» or «the convenient moment» to do or say something - in contrast to what historians call kronos, which is understood as «the time of day».

In the New Testament, KAIROS means «the appointed time in God's plan» - that is, the time when God works and acts (eg, Mark 1:15: «The time is come, the kingdom of God is at hand. Turn and believe the gospel!»).

But when we say that this is the KAIROS time for Oslo, we are not building on airy human prophecies that are detached from God's eternal word, the Bible. Much prophecy is conjecture based on the emotional state of the mediator. This is NOT New Testament prophecy!

We have experienced a gradual development since January 2016 when God gave us a mandate for Oslo, Norway and Europe that not even our opponents are able to contest. In that sense, it can be said that the KAIROS era for us began six years ago, and it continues!

Where are we going in 2022?

As we move forward, we prefer to follow in the footsteps that the Holy Spirit has already made clear to us. Working with the Spirit is far more effective than fighting in your own flesh.

In 2022, we will:

  • continue our international work for religious freedom and the classic nuclear family.
  • build bridges to people that have other faiths and beliefs than us.
  • work for reconciliation between different cultures and ethnic groups in Oslo.
  • proclaim Jesus Christ as Savior to all who will hear.
  • build Oslochurch as a spiritual home for different people groups.
  • build Oslochurch as a congregation where families thrive.

We say: Welcome to build the church with us!

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