House of Worship

The Key to Oslo
Oslokirken Media
August 10, 2019

The Lord has spoken to us that we are a House of Worship. Our lives are worship! We don't just do praise and worship, but we live it! In worship a throne for God is built in Oslo, and in our lives.

House of WorshipRachel Hickson

In July 2001 at Hamar, Jan-Aage Torp met Rachel Hickson for the first time.

Rachel is a prophet from England.

When Jan-Aage met Rachel in 2001, she knew nothing about him. She definitely didn't know that he was carrying in his heart a calling for the city of Oslo.

She spoke this prophetic word over him:

«I have given you the key to Oslo, says the Lord. I see an old key to a sidegate of the walls around Oslo. I see a rusty padlock on that sidegate. Nobody else wants to enter through that sidegate. The Christians are assembled around the main gate to Oslo. They're all positioning themselves at this main entrance to the city. But you will enter through the sidegate, says the Lord. I have given you authority, says the Lord. The key is worship and praise. As you worship and praise me, I will give you the city. There will be a new unity of the Church in Oslo.A surprising unity. Based on worship and praise. Be faithful to me, says the Lord! I have given you the key to Oslo!»

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