Guidelines for Prayer for the Sick and Different Needs

Oslokirken Media
June 14, 2019
Guidelines for Prayer for the Sick and Different Needs

Restoration Oslo practices prayer for the sick and people with different needs, including practical challenges of all kinds.

We believe that God who is the Creator, is also able to restore that which is damaged or destroyed. We believe that there is healing in the completed work of Jesus on the Cross. We believe that prayer in Jesus´ Name by two or more people has great power. We acknowledge that prayer which expresses trust and faith in God is effective.

We do not issue guarantees when we pray, but we encourage everyone who seeks prayer to ask God for His revelation and guidance.

We do not make financial demands for our prayer. (Donations are voluntary.)

Jesus always received children. When we pray for minors, we always take for granted that the parents are present. (In Norway, children have absolute freedom in all religious matters when they are 15 years of age.) 

These guidelines are applicable in all settings where Restoration Oslo has our ministry, both in public meetings and at our center.

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