News/Historic: Oslokirken/William Undi prophesied about TV in Oslo

William Undi prophesied about TV in Oslo

Oslokirken Media
April 07, 2019

During a live broadcast on TV Visjon Norge tonight, the prophet William Undi from South Africa called pastor Jan-Aage Torp to the front. Torp had returned from a mission in Albania a few hours earlier. Undi prophesied over Torp, who he had never heard about, that he was from Oslo and had a connection to Albania. Undi had seen Torp in a vision during that same afternoon.

Undi also called to the front TV Visjon Norge´s tv leader Gawdat Mtrious, together with Torp, and Undi turnd to the founder of TV Visjon, Jan Hanvold, and said: «The Lord says that He is extending the TV. I see something that has to do with Oslo. Hear those words: Oslo! Sometimes when a word is released, it does not make sense. But in the future, you will say: Oh! Prophet William said saomething along these lines. You (Mtrious) are a tv-manager, and this man (Torp) represents Oslo. You (Torp) are standing here to represent Oslo. Yes, you (Hanvold) said something to me (about TV Visjon), but I did not know this man (Torp).»

Specifically four times the prophet Wlilliam Undi reiterated that Jan-Aage Torp represents Oslo for the future TV-ministry.

William Undi released over Torp a fresh anointing that carries miracles.

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