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Welcome to African Pastors!

Oslokirken Media
May 15, 2005
Welcome to African Pastors!Together with the Nigerian pastor, Duke Ajieh, who is surely a leader among leaders (photo: Tor H. Lanton)

Yesterday, Jan-Aage Torp invited 18 pastors from Norwegian-African churches in the Oslo area for fellowship and footwashing!

Pastor Jan-Aage Torp had received a message from the Lord to gather and authorize immigrant pastors in Oslo for leadership in the city.  

Yesterday was the day.

18 pastors were gathered from nations such as  Nigeria, Rwanda, Burundi, Kenya, Ghana and Congo (Kinshasa). In addition, some Norwegian pastors and associates were also there.

For three hours, the pastors were gathered for delicious lunch, prepared by our members, and vocal and loud revival messages were conveyed, in African style.

The high point was surely when pastor Jan-Aage asked their permission to wash their feet as a mark of servanthood, and afterwards he declared that they are full-fledged spiritual leaders in Norway´s capital city!

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