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Prophecy from Leo T. Duites

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November 02, 2010
Prophecy from Leo T. DuitesLeo T. Duites and Jan-Aage Torp met for the first time today.

This prophecy was sent from Leo T. Duites to Jan-Aage Torp by email on October 23rd, 2010. A couple of weeks later they met for the first time.

«Pastor, I believe God has placed you in a very unique position and has given you favor to have such a great network of ministries as well as have a strong bond with a lot of strategic people from all over the nation. You are called to be one of this nation's spiritual fathers. I believe God has been speaking through you and that many issues are being addressed through your message.

I hope you would allow me to speak to you what I have received from the Lord as I prayed for you. The Lord has spoken to me that He has given you a mighty sword that pierces deeper into the heart of this nation. He has allowed His Word to pass through your life because you have been willing to let Him do so. However, the Lord wants you to be reminded, that He wants to bring you more «forward» in the battlefield and not «backward». God wants you to know that He has a stronger armor and an even greater sword for you made available once you decide to take the next mountain that the Lord has placed in your path. For in the past, he has allowed you to see and to identify the «strongholds» of the enemy in His land. You have seen the enemy's face. As a price, He has brought you far from your comfort zone to hear the devil's roar over this nation. But like a Jeremiah who smashed clay jars in the midst of a confused generation, you will allow the people to see God's anger and convictions and let them decide if what they have in their hearts are right with God and His Word.

Pastor, God is telling you not to hold back your convictions. You have been restraining yourself from pushing deeper into the place where the flesh and the spirit divides. Pain is not a comfort for you nor for anyone in the Body of Christ. But God is prepared and ready to keep you and make His face shine upon you and give you peace. God has his garment of praise set to lift up all your heaviness. This is the promise of the Lord, for nothing will touch you unless it passes through God's hand first.

The church is slowly waking up. Do not grow weary in doing good for in due time you shall reap if you do not lose heart. Blow the trumpet at the gates of this nation, sound the alarm, for the Lord of this land, the Lion of Judah, roars over His people. He comes to deliver. He comes to save. He comes to touch His church in a great and powerful way to confront the nation's coldness and set the altars of the Lord on fire again with fresh fire of the Holy Spirit and for fresh offerings to burn once again.

Pastor Torp, stay faithful not only to the message but even to the measure of commitment to deliver the heartbeat of the Lord. We are praying for you. You will pay a greater price. But the blessings will outrun you. You are at the crossroad. 

Read Ezekiel 22:23-31. God watches over the «princes...priests...prophets...people...» of Norway. You are His man who will «build a wall and stand in the gap in behalf of the land...» (v.30).

God bless you Pastor Torp. I hope that one day we can meet personally «in God's perfect time». I am a missionary here to Norway who have been sent by our Lord to help build the Body of Christ and help fulfill the spiritual and prophetic destiny of this nation. God is stirring His servants from around the world to care and bless Norway and its people.

Thank you and may the Lord's comfort and protection be with you always. Abide in Him.»

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