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Appointed as Ambassador of Peace

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August 24, 2020
Appointed as Ambassador of PeaceTahir Shabani and Jan-Aage Torp

Prince Blessing Lawal of Nigeria, President of the UN related organization Global Socio-Economic and Financial Evolution Network (GSFEN Worldwide), has appointed Pastor Jan-Aage Torp to the position of an Ambassador of Peace.

The appointment comes upon the nomination of Dr. Tahir Shabani, the Ambassador of the Republic of Kosova to the UN in Geneva.

In a public statement, Prince Blessing Lawal writes:

«Amb. Jan-Aage Torp (Norway) is one of the most relevant Diplomats in the world. His love for Africa and humanity is unquestionable. Congratulations on your appointment as GSFEN Ambassador of Peace. Stay happy always.»

Pastor Torp has humbly received this recognition, and says that he will simply continue to do even more of what he is already doing in Norway, Europe, and globally.

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