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May 27, 2014
EncouragementTormod & Anita Berg Olsen

When Tormod & Anita Berg Olsen ministered today, encouragement for Oslochurch was spoken.

The Berg Olsen couple from Stathelle in Telemark are both raised in the Salvation Army, and now lead «House of Fire"» at their home place. Jan-Aage met them 10 years ago, and they have had sporadic contact. Both Tormod & Anita work as teachers in the public school, and they have during the past 10 years responded to the Lord´s calling to serve churches in Norway, Bulgaria and Italy.

- The Lord is calling Oslochurch to redig the old wells, said Tormod and referred to Genesis 26.

- What do you «see»? asked Anita and referred to Jeremiah 1:11. - The Lord is calling you to rediscover what the Lord has called you unto, she established, - Old visions are not lost, but the Lord wants you to see them with your own eyes.

Tormod & Anita ministered for each one in the church.

- Good to have them here, declared Jan-Aage afterwards. - We look forward to having them with us again on the second day of Pentecost!

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