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God´s Presence and Invitation

Duke Ajieh ministered this afternoon
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December 01, 2013

God´s presence was real this afternoon as Oslochurch worshipped the Lord in our new afternoon meeting format. Pastor Duke Ajieh ministered on God´s Invitation to set Christ first in our lives.

God´s Presence and InvitationDuke Ajieh, Jan-Aage & Aina Torp

Pastor Aina Torp led in praise and worship, and the prayer time reflected a faith in the congregation for God´s intervention in the challenges of life.

Visiting minister, pastor Duke Ajieh, delivered a caution against the fast pace of our western world. -The Lord wants us to take time to hear from Him. He doesn´t want us to move so fast! declared the Nigerian-born pastor of Redeemed Christian Church of God in Oslo.

His message was on living in our first love to Christ, citing his own first love as a 19 year old: His motorcycle! -I couldn´t leave it out of my eyesight.

-In marriages, if we are not watchful, the first love can easily wane. We drift away from each other and lose our heart relationship. That´s the state of many believers in Norway today. Many have drifted away from Christ and His plan. We should realize that God is constant. It is not Him that moves away from us, but He doesn´t force us. In every generation God seeks to bring us back to Him and our first love to Him, said Pastor Ajieh. 

Reading from Exodus 7:1, Pastor Duke Ajieh talked about how God gives us authority over our circumstances, just like Moses got divine authority over Pharaoh: "And the Lord said to Moses, “See, I have made you like God to Pharaoh, and your brother Aaron shall be your prophet". -He wants you to SEE His solutions. What you see is what you get! You are a victor and overcomer! God still does miracles today! 

-We need to speak this to our nation in this advent season. Let´s challenge Norway to truly celebrate Christ for Christmas! How can there be a true Christmas celebration, without Christ in our homes? asked Duke Ajieh emphatically. -Christ is waiting for us.

-As we seek Him, He will show us His plan, His purpose, His timing and His pattern. 

Duke Ajieh finished with a warning against backsliding: -Many Christians don´t understand that they are backsliders, because that starts when we quit having Christ as Number 1 in our lives. God calls you back to Himself! And when you get back to Him, He will make you an intercessor, which really makes you a negotiator before God. He gives you authority in prayer!

After Duke Ajieh´s message, Jan-Aage Torp led in a time of Holy Communion, and to wrap up the afternoon, both children and adults enjoyed typical Norwegian "pepperkaker med gløgg". 

Aina Torp and Duke Ajieh
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