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The Reformation is on!

Catherine Brown in Oslo
Oslokirken Media
October 17, 2013

Scottish Apostle Catherine Brown visited Oslo last weekend with a fresh word from God on the reformation that God is bringing to Europe!

The Reformation is on!The Church is fragile because of lack of truth, declared Catherine Brown boldly (photo: Tor H. Lanton) The Reformation is on!Catherine Brown engaging her listeners (photo: Tor H. Lanton)

Saturday night was about the defilement of the truly apostolic through the lives of Ahab and Jezebel (1Kings 18):

-They are a picture of the apostolic and prophetic. Ahab and Jezebel should have been a mighty governmental ministry, but they abused authority and headship, opening a demonic door to the nation through spiritual adultery and prostitution, unfaithfulness to God and occult practices, said the Scottish Apostle. -Ahab´s corrupted "apostolic anointing" led him to approach Naboth to get his vineyard, which Naboth protected for the generations to come. The corrupted apostolic-prophetic anointing is satan´s agenda to destroy the spiritual inheritance of the coming generations! declared Catherine Brown.

She then asked: -What does Jezebel (who can be feminine or masculine) do to a nation? -Jezebel will infiltrate, manipulate, intimidate, isolate, dominate. She wants control over people, power and resources. She carries a counterfeit prophetic anointing: Mixture of false and true, and releases the occult on the nation. Jezebel is a strong spiritual force that operates sometimes overtly, but mostly covertly! warned Catherine Brown.

The Reformation is on!Catherine Brown (photo: Tor H. Lanton)

On Sunday night, Catherine Brown gave a message on the life of Hezekiah, based on 2Chronicles 29. 

-Hezekiah shows a righteous pattern, a blueprint. He had the grace to assemble and convene for the purposes of God. He was a spiritual gatekeeper who wanted to secure the sanctuary for God! This takes a priesthood that consecrates ourselves, that removes all defilement from the sanctuary! Hezekiah recognized that his biological and spiritual fathers had been unfaithful. In reformation we must speak truth. God's heart is not sympathy, His compassion will never compromise holiness. Hezekiah made covenant with God: We will die for one another, for reformation in our nations! The Church is fragile because of lack of truth, declared Catherine Brown boldly, and said: -Truth is restored in times of reformation!

Catherine Brown translated by Aina Torp (photo: Tor H. Lanton)
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