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Vebjørn Sand - the World Class Painter who created the majestic Holocaust Memorial in Oslo

Oslokirken Media
April 13, 2022

Vebjørn Sand is a world-class painter and artist who is appreciated as a modern-day Leonardo da Vinci.

Pastor Torp visited Vebjørn Sand at the Rose Castle on the Holmenkollen Hill on the outskirfts of Oslo one year ago, and made an introductory TV program about his work.

This time, Jan-Aage is back at Vebjørn´s greatest artistic project, which he has created together with his brother Eimund Sand - the sculpturer, author and geometrician - and the musician Martin Romberg, Eimund og Vebjørn are together the leadership team.

Vebjørn is passionate and solemn as he tells Jan-Aage the story of how the Hitler leadership planned «the Final Solution» - the extinction of every Jew. Vebjørn brings Jan-Aage into «Ellinor´s House», the five year old Jewish girl in Oslo, Norway who was brought to the death camp in 1942....

The paintings are powerful and majestic, and depict various personalities and scenes from the Holocaust, as well as tell the story of the Resistance in Norway against the Nazi ideology.

The Rose Castle is the size of 1 1/2 football fields, an outdoor arena that stands out in the beautiful Oslo scenery - five symbols of gold that can be seen from downtown Oslo - and includes more than 200 unique artworks, highlighting the Norwegian Resistance Movement against the Nazi Occupation; the Soviet and Norwegian prisoners of war under Nazism; and the witnesses of the Holocaust against six million Jews, during World War II.

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