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Chuck Pierce: «I feel Revival in the Air!»

June 04, 2018
Chuck Pierce: «I feel Revival in the Air!»Chuck Pierce prophesying over Aina & Jan-Aage Torp in Oslo in 2016

Apostle-prophet Chuck Pierce of Global Spheres in Texas, expresses in an email report today that «revival is in the air». Pastors Aina & Jan-Aage Torp have received the same from the Lord, and that things are shifting during June 2018.

Read what Chuch Pierce writes today:

I FEEL REVIVAL IN THE AIR!  Revival is the improvement in the condition, strength or fortunes of someone or something.  Revival occurs when your conscience begins to awaken to the path of freedom that God has for you.  All of the sudden your spiritual senses are renewed and quickened to Holy Spirit’s work around you.  When your spirit is revived and reawakened to the Lord, you begin to see the enemy’s workings around you.  There is revival in the air here at the Global Spheres Center.  During revival times, God personally visits His people to do unusual, miraculous things in their life. 
Here are seven issues that I spoke on yesterday from the book of Jeremiah.  He understood captivity as well as restoration.  I would suggest you read chapters 25-33 in Jeremiah.  

  1. The Moment Any Captivity Begins, the Lord Has a Plan for Restoration to Kick In!  
  2. Understand the Prophetic Time and Will. ( Jer. 25)
  3. Find God’s Plan of Prosperity, in Spite of Circumstances. (Jer. 29)
  4. Outline Your Plan of Restoration, and Reform and Renew Your Covenant. (Jer. 30-31)
  5. Set Up Road Signs and Retrace Your Steps.
  6. Listen for the Prophetic Act that Will Seal Your Faith. (Jer. 32)
  7. Go Beyond and Into a New Place of Enlargement and Vision. (Jer. 33)
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