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Strong Prophetic Encouragement

Tormod & Anita Berg Olsen
May 27, 2014

The Sunday Worship Service when Tormod & Anita Berg Olsen ministered, was a strong experience of prophetic encouragement for Restoration Oslochurch.

Strong Prophetic EncouragementTormod & Anita Berg OlsenThe Berg Olsen couple from Stathelle in Telemark are both raised in the Salvation Army, and now lead "House of Fire" at their home place. Jan-Aage met them 10 years ago, and they have had sporadic and good contact. Both Tormod & Anita work as teachers in the public school, and they have during the past 10 years simultaneously responded to the Lord´s calling to serve churches in Norway and abroad, with special emphasis on European nations such as Bulgaria and Italy.

-The Lord is calling Restoration Oslochurch to redig the old wells, said Tormod and referred to Genesis 26.

-What do you "see"? asked Anita and referred to Jeremiah 1:11. -The Lord is calling you to rediscover what the Lord has called you unto, she established, -Old visions are not lost, but the Lord wants you to see them with your own eyes.

Tormod & Anita ministered prophetically and in prayer for each one in the church.

-Great to have them here, declared Jan-Aage afterwards. -We look forward to having them with us again on the second day of Pentecost!

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