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Embracing Perseverence

February 03, 2014

Gabor Dobos gave a teaching in Restoration Oslochurch yesterday on "Embracing Perseverence". -The purpose of coping with difficulties and challenges in a long life, is to attain Christlikeness, he said.

Embracing Perseverence-We are to grow up to Him in every way, and it doesn´t come easy, said the Hungarian-Norwegian in Restoration Oslochurch, translated by Aina Torp.

-Perseverenve means 1) to not give up, and 2) a qualty that allows you to continue something even though it is difficult. It creates confidence in God´s power to deliver!

-Perseverence is the opposite of instant gratification. It profits us in the perspective of a long life with Christ, stated Gabor Dobos.

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