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New False Letters implicate the Methodist Church as well

August 14, 2015

The numerous false letters that are being sent to unknowing people in Norway are now implicating the Methodist pastor of Bergen, Leif S. Jacobsen, and claim to be raising money for a food project in Namibia. Jan-Aage Torp is certain that the falsifications are soon coming to a close: -The evidence will be used to punish the con man seriously via the court system, says the Oslo pastor.

New False Letters implicate the Methodist Church as wellUndated letter that was received yesterday by the person mentioned in the letterYesterday, two such letters surfaced again.

Jan-Aage Torp says: -I had a very nice phone conversation with a "non-religious" young man who has received a letter under my name, but without signature, demanding his immediate payment of 8000 kroner (=900 euros, 1000 US dollars) to Restoration Oslochurch. The letter states that he has promised this amount, and that our church will send the case to a collection agency if he does not pay immediately.

-Later in the day, a lady contacted us to warn us about such a letter that had been published on a Facebook page. In this most recent letter, the Bergen Methodist pastor, Leif Sverre Jacobsen, who received such a letter himself in March 2015, is presented as the man who has been raising money for the Restoration Oslochurch project in Namibia. Evidently, pastor Leif´s open support of us in March has now made him an object of falsification as well.

-Similar false letters with demands for money have been sent under my name during the past few months.

-The common denominator for the money-letters is that no account number is presented. It seems therefore that the aim of the letters is not to swindle for money, but to tarnish our church and myself, and anyone who supports us, says Jan-Aage Torp.

-Even worse, though, are letters written in the same way with threats of hell and brimfire, as well as threats to expose specifics pastors and leaders of sexual abuse etc.

-Thank God for the young man who actually contacted me about this so we can refute the claims and report this - again - to the police! And thank God for the lady who wrote to me yesterday!

-There are con men in Norway, just as in US and around the world....

-We value that you pray for us, Leif Jacobsen and other who are being abused in thess serious matters!

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